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Frequently asked questions

1. What makes you an SEO Expert?

Good question. Here are a few of my qualifications:

  • Certified as a Google Advertising Professional
  • Link Building Moderator at SearchGuild (awall19)
  • SEO and Google Search Engine Moderator at V7N (awall19)
  • Referenced numerous times by Search Engine Watch (the largest search engine information site on the web).
  • Regular contributor and active participant in many of the SEO hotspots such as The Search Engine Journal and have been referenced many times over by every reputable SEO forum.
  • Editor at many of the top web directories.
    • Examples: I am the Skaffe Pay Per Click Search Engines Guide, a GoGuides Guide, Web Beacon Editor, and JoeAnt Shopping Editor.
  • My articles have been syndicated on many SEO websites.
    • ISEDB
    • Search Engine Guide
    • LilEngine
    • SearchGuild
    • WebProWorld
    • dozens and dozens of others
  • Current with the latest search engine news on every day.
  • And most importantly… I make my living on the Internet, entirely from SEO techniques!

2. Who is SEO Book for?

SEO Book was written to offer the latest SEO tips and techniques to novice to intermediate level search engine marketers.

If you have been working with search marketing since 1995 this probably is not the book for you. Having said that, I guarantee that even if you are a long time search professional you still would be able to learn about a few tips and see a few new tools you have never seen before. If you are already well skilled at SEO (and realize how profitable it is) then just one or two new good tips or tools should easily cover the cost of the book.

Some people have requested that I do not reveal their name or URL because they do not want their competition to know why they are doing so good, but here is a short list of some of the thousands of people just like you who have read the SEO Book:

  • well known direct marketers with over 20 years of experience
  • web marketers for some of the most respected names in high finance
  • marketing managers at companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars (there are only a few of those)
  • members of the boards of advisors of a major search engine
  • large advertising agencies
  • new media consultants
  • search engine marketing companies
  • SEO consultants
  • and most frequently, new webmasters and small business owners marketing their first website

3. Why should I buy an eBook?

  • Up to date: The search engine industry changes every year, and some search engines change many times every month. For that reason it’s hard to go through the entire publishing process and still have a relevant and current physical book about search engine optimization. If something major happens this week with the search engines, you can bet your copy will have the latest news and cutting edge techniques.
  • Avoid the Hype, Rants, Whining, and Speculation: Some people chatting on forums intentionally give misinformation. Others are stuck complaining about how the search engines are no good because their outdated techniques no longer work.
  • Speed Up the Learning Curve: In the last few years I have read about 100 books about the web, over 100,000 blog posts, and probably over a million forum posts. Instead of learning a bit at a time, and weighing good information versus dated bad information you get to learn everything I know in an up to date linear guide.
  • Instantly Downloadable: You are not stuck waiting for some book to cross the country or the ocean. You can order and start learning right now. Even at 2 AM.

4. I saw a cheaper book...

It costs almost nothing to distribute a book about search engines. It costs a ton to properly research and write a useful one. Many books cover SEO for $10 to $37. None of them are as current or detailed as the SEO Book.

Some are chuck full of pretty pictures and useless "facts" just to give them a high page count, but if they still promote outdated techniques that have not worked in years, and may get your site banned, then more pages just means they are wasting more of your time.

Some of the sales letters go so far as to tell you that their book is up to date while also bragging how they were just on vacation for weeks or months at a time without spending any time on the web. How is that possible?

Some of these same "authors" throw a ton of affiliate links in their guides, many times recommending useless software, or buying clicks from fraudulent sources, just to make a back end affiliate commission. It doesn't save you time or money to buy a cheaper book which offers outdated information, and dishonestly recommends you purchase $843 worth of useless software.

5. What topics does the SEO Book cover?

SEO, pay per click marketing, conventional marketing, conversion tips, copywriting, usability, web history, and web design.

Some people fail at SEO because they look at it as an entirely isolated mechanical issue. Usually the sites which are most reliant upon search engines are the sites which are hardest hit by algorithm updates.

By giving you tips about other web related issues it helps ensure your marketing techniques are more holistic and will stand the test of time. SEO is also covered in exceptional detail, offering everything from keyword research, to site submission, to on page optimization, to link building.

I have also read a ton of search algorithm research and ate dinner or hung out with well known search engineers working at Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. Some stuff I was not allowed to mention, but everything that is legal to mention is in this ebook.

6. What tools do professional SEOs use?

I have spent thousands of dollars developing free custom made SEO tools which are better than tools other people sell for $150 to $300 - saving you way more than the price of the book.

In SEO the tools are as important as the methodology. I hold nothing back. You get access to every SEO tool I needed to use to become successful and all my SEO tips and tricks. And almost all of them are 100% free AND easy to use!

7. How is the SEO Book formatted?

The SEO Book is a 328-page PDF file. You can quickly download it and read it on just about any computer. It is also printer friendly, so if you would like to read it away from your desktop or while traveling you can take it with you.

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