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What you should know about SEO

What SEO Consultants Do Not Want You to Know

“Search engine optimization” is the science of publishing information and building links that makes search engines rank your website high in the search results.

Each and every day hundreds of millions of people search for products, services and information using search engines, and the SEO consulting industry has become really big business. That’s why some SEO professionals are pretty steamed that I’m revealing these simple truths to you.

Here’s just a few of the things they don’t want you to know:

  • SEO is not hard. Anyone can be successful at it with the right information.
  • You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to get top rankings.
  • You know your product and industry better than any consultant does, and armed with knowledge of SEO techniques you can do a better job of promoting your sites than they can.
  • Many SEOs do not do their best work for clients . If they did, you could fire them when you got your results—that’s why they would rather slowly raise your rankings over time and show continued improvement to justify their expensive fees.
  • You personally have the power to achieve great rankings in as little as 90 days!

Here's proof:

Go to and type in SEO book - The first site you see is mine.

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$500 an Hour for Search Engine Optimization?

My name is Aaron Wall, and I’m an SEO consultant myself. And while big companies happily pay my $500 hourly fees to solve their search engine ranking challenges, there’s no reason why you should do the same.

You’ve got to be wondering… Why in the world would companies pay me those outrageous fees just to rank high in the search engines?

Well, mainly because good visibility in search engines is perhaps the most powerful way to sell products and services ever devised.

Each day hundreds of millions of people search for products, services and information using search engines like Google.

Being the source people locate on their own when they are actively seeking turns the entire world of traditional marketing upside down.

Most marketing rudely interrupts people in the hopes of pounding an often unwelcome message into their head.

Search engine marketing attracts people who are looking for something they actually want, need and desire, and their minds are actively engaged and in tune with the sources they find that satisfy that desire.

In other words, when your site ranks well, people who trust Google trust you.

Let’s face it… the average small business or online entrepreneur is not likely to feel comfortable paying the $400, $500 (or more) per hour that top SEO professionals charge. And those same pros generally prefer to work on bigger projects with larger companies who have no problem paying.

It’s a bad situation for the little guy that’s really a blessing in disguise.

Let me explain.

Back when I first started to market online as a little guy myself, it took me about a year to work through all the various scams and figure out the truth about SEO.

I then wrote SEO Book so that others like me could avoid all of the wasted time and effort. And more importantly, so smaller enterprises could get the search engine expertise they so desperately need to compete online.

Since then, I have read over 100 books, over 100,000 blog posts, too many forum entries to count, and continued learning from my own hands-on SEO experience, all to keep SEO Book cutting-edge with the latest information.

You’ll never deal with SEO advice that is out-of-date or just plain wrong, and you’ll never pay outrageous fees. That’s why SEO Book is a winning proposition for you.

My 328-page SEO Book (with free lifetime updates) offers pure step-by-step knowledge designed to get you what you’re really after—significantly more traffic to your website.

I’m so confident that this information will help you that I’ll happily eliminate 100% of the risk by providing an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee. You get the rankings and the traffic you need, or you don’t pay a single penny.

And as the search engine game changes, you’ll be up-to-date with the only current SEO resource on the planet, thanks to free lifetime updates (the book has been updated over 20 times so far, with the last revision adding close to 75 new pages).

Staying current with accurate SEO information is the key to winning with search engines!

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn when you invest in SEO Book:

  • What really matters when it comes to on-page optimization and the truth about meta tags.
  • The key element of your home page that will determine ranking success for your primary keywords.
  • The important distinction between keywords and keyword phrases, and which of the two you should target in certain contexts.
  • How the correct navigation elements can make or break your site in the search engines.
  • Which big web directories are worth your time and money, and how to properly approach niche directories without wasting time and money.
  • The 15 link-building strategies that work best today.
  • What to do (and what not to do) when the search engine algorithms get updated and your rankings fluctuate.
  • The 5 quickest ways to get kicked out of the search engines (and how to avoid them all).
  • How social media tools like blogs, web feeds and tagging have become crucial to ranking well.
  • The number one key to appearing as the most natural and relevant source to the search engines for your target keywords.
  • And much, much more…

The Best Marketing Investment You Can Make

Just think of all the money wasted each year on ineffective interruption advertising. People hate it, so it simply doesn’t work.

Now imagine being the trusted source people locate when they are actively searching for what they want and you have to offer!

I’m sure you’ll agree that effective SEO knowledge is truly worth its weight in gold… and thanks to SEO Book you won’t need to break the bank to get your hands on this information. You can dramatically increase your search engine traffic in as little as 90 days!

On the other hand, the biggest misconception about the Internet is that everything is free. Nothing is free, especially traffic. You’ll either pay for traffic with your money or your time, and as competition intensifies, there’s really no time to spare on outdated and incorrect information.

Simply invest in SEO Book and get on with building your business today.

My No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy with SEO Book for any reason at all, simply email me within 90 days for a full and courteous refund. That’s all there is to it, and it’s that easy.

Don’t wait a minute longer… You can triple your web traffic in 90 days or less with absolutely no risk. Click Here to get your copy of SEO Book via 100% secure online ordering.


Aaron Wall

P.S. Remember, you will receive free ongoing updates as the search engine algorithms continue to evolve, including the very latest developments for 2007 and beyond. Don’t waste your time and money on anything less, Buy The SEO Book Today!

Unconditional 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
If SEO Book is not for you just say so and you'll receive a quick and courteous refund.